1) Why should I use Animate for content creation?

Animate gives you tools to create interactive, animated content that runs across all desktop and mobile devices

2) Can I create Mobile Apps with Animate?

Yes, you can create Android and iOS mobile apps with Animate

3) If I create an animated object and want to have a number of these objects animate on the stage, how can I do it the fastest way?

Select all layers in the Timeline that belong to the object and copy them. Create new symbol and paste all layers into your timeline

4) How can I reuse the animation I created in other projects?

Once you create an animation you can make it into your own custom preset using the Motion Presets panel (as long as you created your animation as a Motion Tween). Then yuo can apply it to other obejcts in other projects

5) Is there a way to convert an existing Flash project into an HTML 5 Canvas project?

Yes, you can convert a Flash project into an HTML5 Canvas (or others) project using Commands menu

6) What is the most efficient way to create HTML5 Canvas web banners for advertising purposes?

The most efficient way to create HTML5 Canvas web banners is to create Classic Tweens instead of Motion Tweens. If you create a Motion Tween it's going to be converted to a Frame-by-frame animation when exported, which is a very inefficient way of creating an HTML5 web banner